“BIG DADDY” Adjustable Spool Holder for 3D Printer Filament Spools

One of the challenges of sustained 3D printing, is the usage of larger spools of filament. Typically spools larger than 1kg are tricky to place, and cumbersome to feed. Current designs are insufficient to satisfy my demand as a hobbyist and professional.

There are user-made designs out in the wild, but all are unstable and lack forethought for the most massive spools in existence. Current spool holders cannot cover the breadth of all spool sizes.

All user-made designs are oriented with deposition layers perpendicular to the surface of the ground, and cannot print flat without the use of supports. With heavier spools, the holder starts to bend at inflexion points and change the interface of the spool and bearings. This introduces friction along the walls of the bearing channels when they contact the walls of the spool which add additional strain to the stepper motors in the printer. My design is printed flat, so that the deposition layers are horizontal to the ground. My design does not need supports and saves on wasted filament as well.

I wanted to add something unique to the 3D printing community while addressing these concerns.

The “Big Daddy” is fully adjustable with the twist of a screw.

Feed rail demarcations for spool width. (Above)

M3x20 countersink screws and M3 nuts are used to fasten the bearings to the body. (Below)

Download here:


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